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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
~Helen Keller

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Foster Parent Support Services

About Us

The Orange Unified School District’s Foster Connections team consists of educators, support staff, community leaders, mental health professionals, school nurses, and, of course, foster parents!

How do I get started?

There are very few requirements that must be met to participate in the Foster Connections Program.

  • You are a caregiver or foster parent to a child that attends a school within Orange Unified School District
  • You reside within the Orange Unified School District boundaries
  • You would like to network with other foster parents for support, sharing ideas, and collaboration
  • You have a desire to learn about various topics related to childhood trauma, available educational supports, and other community agencies that may offer services and opportunities

The Vision

As a part of our dedication to foster families who live within the Orange Unified School District, the Foster Connections Program strives to connect caregivers with resources and supports to better promote and meet the unique educational needs of children in foster care systems. As studies have shown, foster children have experienced a marked degree of trauma and crises that impact their ability to succeed in school. The guardian and educator team is an essential partnership that works in collaboration for the success of foster children. The Foster Connections Program puts both guardians and educators together in a forum for this partnership to flourish and thrive for kids.

Foster Youth Education Stats*

  • On average, foster youth change schools 6 times and lose 4-6 months of learning each time.
  • By 3rd grade, 80% of foster youth have to repeat a grade.
  • By 11th grade, 1 in 5 foster youth are proficient in English. 1 in 20 are proficient in math.
  • Only 50% of foster youth graduate from high school.
  • Only 20% of foster youth enrolled in college and less than 3% obtain a college degree.
    *Alliance for Children’s Rights

The Foster Connections Program aims to reduce these negative statistics to begin seeing more positive outcomes for foster children. We are reaching out to guardians to provide support outside of the school environment.


The Foster Connections Program is offered to all families who are foster parents or caregivers of foster children in Orange Unified School District. The Foster Connections Program offers meetings to foster parents designed to address the needs of these children. Classes will take place throughout the school year and will be held at the district office. A schedule of classes is available. Various topics will be discussed and you are welcome to participate as much or as little as you like. Meetings will be coordinated so that guardians can earn hours for foster training credits. The topics discussed will be tailored to meet the most pressing issues and concerns of foster parents. Guest speakers, community service providers, and networking will be offered at these meetings.

For More Information

Kristine Nelson, Coordinator Foster Youth, McKinney-Vento, and At-Risk Youth
Phone: 714-628-4513


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Coordinator: Kristine Nelson
Phone: 714-628-4513