Title III - English Language Learners

Title III is part of the 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  The goal of Title III is to support all English Language Learners to attain English language proficiency, as well as, meet academic content standards.  Each year, funds are allocated for each eligible English Language student.  These funds are used to support English Language Learners as they become proficient toward meeting rigorous academic standards. The district and schools are held accountable for increasing English proficiency and core academic content knowledge of all English Language Learner students.  

English Language Learner Master Plan 

The purpose of this document is to clearly explain the various program options for English learners. English learners are offered the following educational pathways:

     1.Structured English Immersion Program

     2.English Language Mainstream Program

Each of these programs is designed for students who present a certain linguistic and educational profile.  In this way, each district student is enrolled in a course of study and learning program that meets his/her diagnosed language and academic needs.

All programs include Integrated and Designated English Language Development (ELD) and teaching strategies differentiated for each student’s level of English language proficiency. These strategies are used to help each student reach proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing English and to succeed academically in all core subjects.

This Master Plan for English Learners is meant to create a coherent and consistent system for educating these students that cross school and philosophical boundaries. The primary goal of all district educational programs is to maximize the academic success of each student.  We believe that each of these programs creates a setting in which all of our students can best succeed.  Reclassification procedures and other English learner policies are also included.




English Language Proficiency Assessment for California - ELPAC

The ELPAC is the new English language proficiency test which was formally known as the CELDT.  The ELPAC is a test aligned to the new state standards used to measure how well second language students from kindergarten through twelfth grade are understanding English.  The results of the test helps schools and teachers provide support to language learners. 



The district has established criteria to determine when an English language student is ready to move from English Learner to fluent English Proficient.  Some of the criteria used to make this determination is the ELPAC.