Visual and Performing Arts

Elementary VAPA
Orange Unified is proud to offer instruction in the arts through our Elementary Visual and Performing Arts Program. Students in both 5th and 6th grades receive two sessions of instruction each week for 45 minutes in instrumental music or the 21st Century Integrated Arts Wheel. Students taking an instrument course learn to play a band or orchestra instrument over the course of a full year. Students in the Integrated Arts Wheel receive instruction in two arts disciplines over the course of the year - either visual art, theatre, or general music. Sixteen talented teachers provide instruction to our 27 elementary schools.
The Elementary Visual and Performing Arts Program was restored in 2015-16 and is continuing to provide innovative instruction to engage students.  As part of our Integrated Arts Wheel, students are participating in several pilot programs.  Students at Crescent are piloting digital art in both 5th and 6th grade.  At Panorama, La Veta, and Villa Park Elementary, 6th grade students are taking a year-long musical theatre class.  Additionally, at Handy we have an after-school Mariachi band taught by two of our instrumental teachers.

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    Elementary VAPA - Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: My child is in 5th grade this year and wants to be switched from the integrated arts wheel into one of the instrumental classes. Is that possible?

    A: Unfortunately your child cannot be in an instrumental class in 6th grade without previous instruction. The 6th grade classes are taught at an intermediate level and in order to ensure the success of your child, we will not place a beginner in that class.

    My child has his/her own instrument. Do we have to use the district-provided instrument?

    A: Your child may use his/her own instrument if the VAPA teacher evaluates the instrument to be in good playing condition.

    Q: Does the district allow instruments to be brought home?

    A: Yes, the instruments are checked out to each student individually once the liability form is submitted to the VAPA teacher.  The student is responsible for practicing at home and bringing the instrument to school on VAPA days.

    Q: I have an instrument that I would like to donate. Where can I drop it off?

    A: You can contact the Curriculum & Instruction Office at (714) 628-5452 and we will gladly accept it.

    Q: My child is not in 5th or 6th grade. Is my child receiving an arts education?

    A: Yes. All K-4 student in OUSD are participating in Art Masters which introduces students to the elements of art by studying certain artists and then preparing a related hands-on art project in the classroom. Additionally, K-4 teachers are receiving professional development on arts integration so that students are taught their core content in conjunction with the arts.

    Secondary VAPA
    At our secondary sites, we provide many Visual and Performing Arts Course offerings.  We currently offer instrumental music, vocal music, art, theatre, and dance.  Some of our courses are encompassed within our Arts Media & Entertainment Pathway providing our students with additional access to the arts.
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