Educational Technology provides comprehensive programs taking teachers from a technology enriched to personalized learning environments that focuses on student achievement and engagement.

Computer Science

Computer Science Education Week is an annual program dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to take interest in computer science as it becomes increasingly important to society and future careers. During Computer Science week, OrangeUSD annually supports our students through the Hour of Code. Journey with us below for some fun and engaging activities to implement in your classroom.



Students can try 5 of the Harry Potter challenges, and make magic using your mouse! Get ready to levitate a feather, summon Bertie Botts Every-Flavour Beans, and even fly the Ford Anglia!

Kano Hour of Code


Brand new activities in partnership with for you to learn and implement for free into your classroom. Bring coding to life with physical application with Dash & Dot robots!

Wonder Workshop Hour of Code


Bring new activities at for plenty of engaging learning! Fun activities in partnership with Minecraft, Google, Kodable, Scratch, CodeSpark, the Grinch and plenty more! Activities


Have Sphero or been wanting to try out Sphero in your classroom? Try out an Introduction to Block coding using Sphero!

Sphero Hour of Code


Don't have access to robots or devices? Looking to just get started without technology first? Try one of the many "unplugged" coding activities to still join in the learning!

Code Unplugged


Use your iPads and have students jump into Swift, today's fastest growing coding language. Free teacher resources and activities are only clicks away.

Swift Hour of Code Guide


Use Scratch online with almost any device to allow students to code, animate, storytell and lots more! New creative coding activities to provide kids with opportunities to create imaginative projects based on their interests

Code with Scratch


Try out Google's CS First and the new "An Unusual Discovery" activities, perfect for your Hour of Code! Tutorials, learning materials and demos all available.

Code with CS First



Community Resources


In today's society of devices everywhere, it is common to question appropriate uses and times that are best for our students. See below for some important research and articles pertaining to Screen Time.

STEM Curricular Connections

STEM Curricular Connection Activities

Digital Citizenship

Orange Unified School District is committed to leading our students to responsible use of the immense power of today's digital media and connected society. All students in OUSD receive guiding instruction in the area of Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy.


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Staff Social Media Guidelines

Digital Resources

Digital Resources will allow you to plug into a digital world to enhance your classroom instruction. With links to popular websites, classroom examples of technology integration, and a variety of applications to use in various curricular areas, you will be able to build your digital classroom.


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Educational Technology eTrainings are scheduled at regular intervals and designed to keep teachers moving forward with technology integration in their classrooms as well as creating personalized learning opportunities for students.  Expected learning outcomes are detailed in the Course Catalog below for teachers to choose courses based on personal needs.


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The iLead program develops a collaborative culture to continuously focus on student achievement. By implementing data-driven instructional practices and integrating technology, educators will prepare all of our students as 21st century learners and global citizens.

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The iLearn Loaner Cart Program is designed to support teachers integrate technology into day-to-day classroom instruction. To participate in this program, teachers can enter a lottery to be loaned a Chromebook, HP Stream, or iPad cart. Loaner carts remain with participating teachers from September until February. Teachers may apply individually or as a team.  Shared contract teachers must apply jointly.


iLearn Cart Sign Up Form


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The iPilot Checkout Program provides teachers the opportunity to receive a variety of instructional technology tools for their classroom use in exchange for providing feedback pertaining to the potential instructional enhancements by using each tool.



Device Reservations: 


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The iPilot Evaluation Program provides teachers the opportunity to receive a variety of technology tools for their classroom use in exchange for providing feedback pertaining to the potential instructional enhancements by using each tool. 


March Application

(Opens March 1st) 

Sam Labs                                                         


One to One

Instructional practice and student learning shifts with technology when a classroom can harness the power of a 1:1 environment. OUSD is dedicated to this idea and building its 1:1 program in incremental steps. Educational Technology will be supporting schools by providing an On-Site Educational Technology Specialist to assist in building best-practices for classroom instruction and educating their school community.


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Technology Festivals

Educational Technology hosts a number of technology related events throughout the year. Educators and community members are always welcome to join us in both learning and celebrating all that is happening in Orange Unified.