Digital Citizenship Curriculum and Lessons

The following individuals have been recognized as Nearpod Certified Educators by Nearpod:

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Jessica Anderson,  El Modena High School

Lisa Aulick,  Canyon High School

Carrie Bauer,  California Elementary

Jeanne Bentley,  Chapman Hills Elementary

Liisa Buchness,  Cerro Villa Middle School

Lea Campbell, Palmyra Elementary

Abraham Cassis,  Canyon High School

Jean Cazeau, Orange Unified School District

Sharon Cecchi, Crescent Elementary

Christina Churney,  Orange High School

Tamara Cinadr, Serrano Elementary

Greg Cipolla,  Cerro Villa Middle School

Elizabeth Conrad,  McPherson Magnet

Tamarra Cox,  Villa Park High School

Vicky Dao,  Lampson Elementary

Dana Encheff,  McPherson Magnet

Maureen Fechter,  El Modena High School

Tracy Fessett,  Imperial Elementary

Lori Glasky,  Villa Park Elementary

Rochelle Greenwald,  Lampson Elementary

Christina Hernandez,  Richland High School

Linda Horist,  Nohl Canyon Elementary

Cody Hutchings, Villa Park High School

Rich Ireland, Crescent Elementary School

Travis Jones,  California Elementary

Emily Kempkes,  Cerro Villa Middle School

Karen Lagrew, Orange Unified School District

Sabrina Lewis,  XXX

Shannon Loyd,  Villa Park Elementary

Jennifer Mai,  Nohl Canyon Elementary

Bree Martin,  Imperial Elementary

Kristi McDougall,  Canyon High School

Pamela Netherton,  El Modena High School

Jessica Norquist,  Taft Elementary

Erika Ostergaard, Imperial Elementary

Ashley Peake,  Canyon Rim Elementary

Benjamin Pham,  Villa Park Elementary

Stephanie Quihuiz,  El Modena High School

Genie Roney, Cambridge Elementary

Jodi Roney-Rodriguez, Cambridge Elementary

Michelle Sakamoto-Burkham,  Olive Elementary

Nicole Sanchez,  California Elementary

Lauren Sierra,  Lampson Elementary

Jay Turner,  McPherson Magnet

Dane Ullman, Handy Elementary

Jarit Unrau, El Modena High School

Jennifer Wong,  Cerro Villa Middle School

Elizabeth Zarkos,  Canyon High School