District Advisory Council (DAC) 


All meetings are on Wednesdays and will be held from 9:30 am – 11:00 am.

*Education Code 52062, “…The superintendent of the school district shall respond, in writing, to comments received from the English learner parent advisory committee.” This requirement is noted by * next to the dates of parent meetings that took place.

District Advisory Council

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2016-2017 DAC Meeting Dates Printable PDF

Date Agenda Location Meeting Notes/Minutes Handouts
October 25, 2017 Click Here Library
Portola Middle School
Click Here

2017-18 Calendar of DAC Meetings 

Measure S Update

Portola MS Programs

January 31, 2018 Click Here Room 403
Yorba Middle School
Click Here

1st Interim Budget Report

Measure S Update

Yorba MS Programs

March 21, 2018 Click Here Library
Cerro Villa Middle School
Click Here

Measure S Update

2nd Interim Budget Report

LCAP Update

Cerro Villa MS Programs

May 16, 2018 Click Here Cafeteria
McPherson Magnet School
Click Here

Facilities Update

LCAP Update

Student Safety Presentation

McPherson Magnet School Programs