Contact Information

Dispatch Office

Phone #                                         Fax # 

(714) 997-6357/8                                 (714) 639-6748

Name Title Specialties E-Mail
Sharon Breland Dispatcher Dispatching & Assist w/Routing Special Needs
Randall Bostic  Dispatcher Dispatching & Routing Field/Sport/Activity Trips
Rachel Vazquez  Dispatcher Dispatching & Routing Special Needs
Cari Whitmore Dispatcher Dispatching & Routing Regular Education


Training Department

Phone #                                         Fax # 

(714) 516-2742                                    (714) 639-6748 

Name Title Specialties E-Mail
Valerie Arellano Instructor Transportation Safety & Training Program
Richard Avila Instructor Transportation Safety & Training Program
Jose Salazar  Instructor Transportation Safety & Training Program


Vehicle Maintenance Department

Phone #                                         Fax # 

(714) 997-6196                                    (714) 288-8932

Name Title Specialties E-Mail
Maricruz Garcia Vehicle Maintenance Services Assistant Clerk Shipping/Receiving & Clerical Assistance
Danny Kim Vehicle Maintenance Foreman Assists Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor
Mario Garcia Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor Supervises Bus Garage & Vehicle Maintenance Program


Bus Pass Office

Phone #                                         Fax # 

(714) 538-8295                                    (714) 639-1100 

Name Title Specialties E-Mail
Ofelia Aldana Sr. Account Clerk Accounting
Crystal Johnson Sr. Staff Clerk Bus Passes


Business Office

Phone #                                         Fax # 

(714) 997-6244                                    (714) 639-1100

Name Title Specialties E-Mail
Lola Reynoso Secretary Secretary to the Director & Payroll
Christina Celeste Transportation Supervisor Assists Director, Supervises Employees, McKinney-Vento & Special Education
Omar Dena Transportation Supervisor Assists Director, Supervisor Employees, Training Program & Regular Education
Don Smith Transportation Manager Assists Director, Manages Employees & Payroll
Pamela McDonald Director of Transportation Oversees the Transportation Department