Discipline Procedures

Violations of Bus Regulations

Violations of Bus Regulations will result in Bus Conduct Reports as follows: A Bus Conduct Report may be issued for any student in violation of the rules or who, in the judgment of the bus driver, impairs the safe driving of the bus and/or the safety of the students.

First Violation

First Violation: The student will be counseled by the school administrator. In serious matters, the parent (or guardian) will be contacted.

Second Violation

Second Violation: If recommended by the driver and supported by the school administrator, the student may be refused bus transportation for up to three (3) days. Parent (or guardian) will be notified.

Third Violation

Third Violation: The student may be refused bus transportation for five (5) or more days. The penalty will be determined by a conference that may include the principal, the student, a parent or guardian, the bus driver, and/or a representative of the transportation department. The effective date of suspension and resumption of bus privilege will be determined at that conference. If no parent or guardian is present, implementation of penalty will be effective at the time a parent or guardian is notified.

Gross Violation

Gross Violation: In serious matters, even on first violation, a student may be refused all bus transportation.

No Refunds

No Refunds: There will be no refunds for days that students are refused transportation for violations of Bus Regulations.