Bus Pass / Parent Pay Program

You may also mail your application and required documents to:
OUSD Transportation Department
Attn: Bus Pass Office
726 W. Collins Ave., Orange, CA 92867


Mail Orders: To avoid our long lines, you are encouraged to purchase your bus pass(es) by mail using check, VISA or
MasterCard. Mail orders must include a legal size, self-addressed stamped return envelope with two stamps. Please remember to include a current wallet-size photograph of each student applying. Also, remember to mail early for faster service. No mail-in requests for subsidized will be processed.

Special Education Students: Transportation will be determined by the student's IEP. A copy of the IEP will be provided by the Special Education Department and required for verification. A bus pass will be issued for all students receiving transportation services. 

General Education Students: What are the NON-busing areas for schools?

  • Elementary schools - within 1.0 mile of home
  • Middle schools - within 2.5 miles of home
  • High schools - within 3.0 miles of home


Thank you for allowing us to serve your transportation needs!

If you have questions, please email buspass@orangeusd.org