When is Payday?

Certificated paydays are the last working day of the month except December, which is paid on the first working day of January. Classified paydays are the 10th of the month. Earned Salary Advances are the 25th of the month.


I am a substitute. What days of the month will be included in my pay check? 

Certificated: From the 6th of the month to the 5th of the following month
Classified: From the 11th of the month to the 10th of the following month

Can I pick up my paycheck?

If your pay is not set up for direct deposit, your check will be mailed on payday to the address on file.  Pay statements may be accessed through the Employee Information System. 

Please note you will need your 10 digit Employee ID number (8000XXXXXX).


I am on jury duty, how will I be paid?

 If you are a permanent employee, the district continues your regular pay through the period of time for which you are required for jury duty. Please submit to your site Secretary a court signed, jury duty notice for the dates of service.   If you are a short term, substitute or temporary employee, the court will pay you a daily rate. Please refer to to the county or state court for which you are summoned to obtain daily rates and mileage reimbursement rates.

I am resigning from OUSD. Will my accumulated sick leave be paid out to me?

PERS & STRS regulations prohibit any district from paying out sick leave. However, sick time can be transferred to a new school district, county or city in California. Notify your new employer that you have sick days at OUSD and they will send us a transfer form. If you are retiring from, your sick days will be forwarded to PERS or STRS and used to increase your service credit.

I recently changed my name and/or moved. Who do I notify?

A change of address form is available in Human Resources; this completed form will be used to update your information. Name changes require an updated social security card. Human Resources will need to make a copy of your new social security card, as the IRS requires pay checks be issued to the name that appears on your social security card. Please check the new information on your next check or check stub.

My doctor is putting me off work for an extended period of time. Do I notify Payroll?

A doctor’s off-work certificate will need to be submitted to Human Resources. The certificated will need to state the duration of your disability. Prior to your return, a doctor’s release to return to work will need to be submitted to your supervisor.  

How often can I change my Federal and or State withholdings?

You may change your withholding at anytime. Forms are available in the payroll office or here on the website. 

Federal W-4

California DE4