Attendance Accounting

Attendance Accounting provides provides support to 41 sites and reports average daily attendance for over 25,000 students.



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Attendance Technician II

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Director, Fiscal Services

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Attendance Accounting "The Basics" Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Attendance Important? 

Attendance is the Primary Source of our District's Revenue

Apportionment Attendance  vs.  Compulsory Attendance

A student can be present for apportionment purposes, yet not comply with compulsory education laws (i.e. partial-day truancies such as tardies, leaving early or cutting class.)

  • Apportionment laws require students to be scheduled to attend at least the statutory minimum day, applicable to grade level, for funding purposes.  (EC 46010)  For apportionment purposes, a student is deemed present, unless absent the entire day.  (5CCR Section 404)  Apportionment questions should be directed to Attendance Accounting.


  • Compulsory attendance laws require children between the ages of 6-18 to attend school regularly and punctually, full time.  (EC 48200)  Compulsory education concerns should be directed to Student & Community Services.

What are the instructional minute conditions for apportionment?

Minimum Instructional Minute Requirements

Every school day must meet minimum day standards, otherwise ADA for the school day cannot be claimed and won't count towards the annual minute requirements.

Grade Level
Daily Minutes
Legal Reference
Kindergarten 180 Minutes EC 46117
Grades 1-3 230 Minutes EC 46112
Grades 4-8 240 Minutes EC 46113
Grades 9-12 240 Minutes EC 46141
Continuation 180 Minutes EC 46170
Community Day 360 Minutes EC 48663


Annual Instructional Minute Requirements

Hourly programs (such as Continuation & CDS) do not have an annual instructional minute requirement, but are funded based on actual minutes provided, up to relevant caps.

Grade Level
Annual Minutes
Legal Reference
Kindergarten 36,000 Minutes EC 46201
Grades 1-3 50,400 Minutes EC 46201
Grades 4-8 54,000 Minutes EC 46201
Grades 9-12 64,800 Minutes EC 46201



Changes to Bell Schedules

To ensure compliance, all proposed revisions to site bell schedules should be reviewed by Attendance Accounting, prior to implementation.


What are the maximum class sizes for grades K-8?

K-8 Class Size Maximums

Class averages are measured from the first attendance month through P-2.  SDC classes are exempt.  (EC 41376)

Grade Level
Per Class
District Wide
Kindergarten 33.0 31.0
Grades 1-3 32.0 30.0
Grades 4-8 N/A 29.9


When are the state reporting periods?

Statutory School Day/Year


FISCAL YEAR: July 1st - June 30th (EC 37200)

SCHOOL YEAR: 180 instructional days         (EC 46201)

ATTENDANCE  MONTH: Consists of 20 days, four weeks of five days each, including legal holidays and non-school days, but excluding weekend makeup classes (EC 37201)



  • P-1, All complete attendance months prior to 12/31
  • P-2, All complete attendance months prior to 4/15               Used for  principal funding apportionment
  • Annual, July 1— June 30                                                          Used for NPS, CDS, Lottery apportionment


2017-18 Attendance Reporting Calendar


Who is responsible for recording/submitting attendance?

Submission of Attendance

Teachers are required to take attendance, for each class taught by them, and do so personally, on a daily basis.  Attendance may not be recorded by volunteers or delegated to students.  (EC 46000, 5CCR Section 401 (c))


As of July 2010, our approved procedures require teachers to submit attendance electronically.  Teachers are expected to submit/record accurate attendance, in a timely manner.  Those unable to submit attendance electronically, shall be provided with an manually generated roster.

What are acceptable methods to verify a student's absence?

Absence Verification

Due to confidentiality, only district employees may verify absences.  Under no circumstances may parent volunteers or TAs verify absences.    Verifications may be accepted from a parent/guardian, parent representative or a student (if 18  or older,) by any reasonable method which establishes the fact of the absence.  (5CCR Section 421, AR 5113(b)) 


Acceptable methods of verification include:

  • Placing/Receiving Calls
  • Teacher Communication
  • Written Communication (Notes or e-mails)


Student & Community Services allows parents  to verify an absence at any point during the school year.  However, individual school site disciplinary action may still apply.

What is a Kindergarten Continuance form?

Kindergarten Continuation Form

Compulsory attendance laws do not apply to kindergarten.  Therefore the law requires that both the district and student’s parent/guardian agree that it is beneficial for the student to continue in kindergarten for not more than one additional year.   Failure to obtain the dated signature of the parent/guardian prior to the admission anniversary date, on the state approved form will result in the loss of ADA generated by that student.  (EC46300(g))  Original certified forms are to be filed in the student’s CUM.



How long do sites need to maintain attendance accounting records for?

Record Retention

School site attendance records are classified as Class III – Disposable records.  Class III records, including support documentation must be maintained for a minimum of three years after the end of the fiscal year.  (5CCR Section 437)


  • 2017-2018              Discard after  June, 2021


All records from 2013-14 and prior may be destroyed.

What is Home/Hospital?

Home Hospital (HH)

This educational option is available for students who are temporarily hospitalized or undergoing medical treatment, which limits their ability to participate in their regular school programs.  (EC 48206.3)

  • Written parental request should include a    referral from a licensed physician
  • SDC students cannot be placed into HH,  unless their IEP authorizes the placement
  • Instruction must commence within 10 days of parental request for HH
  • (Hospital Students Only) Admission to the  hospital automatically makes the students a resident of the school district where the hospital is located 
  • Student must be enrolled in program ‘H’ for the duration of enrollment in HH
  • Attendance is maintained manually
  • One hour of instruction = one day of ADA, (unless otherwise noted in an IEP)

For more information, please contact Alternative Education.


What is Independent Study?

Independent Study  (IS)       

IS an educational option provided to students who will be away from their seat-based instruction for an extended period.  Laws for IS are numerous and complex.  Short-term independent study is managed at each individual school site, on a case-by-case occurrence.  Long-term independent study is managed through Alternative Education.

  • Minimum of 5 school days
  • Participation is strictly voluntary, a classroom option must always remain available
  • Written agreement, including approved dates and assignments, must be signed and dated by all parties, prior to the IS commencement date (5CCR Section 11702)
  • A supervising (credentialed) teacher is assigned overall responsibility,  (EC 51747.5)
  • SDC student’s IEP  must reflect IS as a viable educational option
  • Assignments must be equal in quality and quantity to classroom based curriculum
  • Students must have access to the same instructional materials provided to the classroom-based pupils, free of charge
  • Student is not considered absent, but rather enrolled in IS
  • Graded representative samples must be maintained (EC 51747.5, 5CCR Section 11700(b)(2))
  • The due date for completed work cannot extend beyond the end date of the agreement.  Failure to turn in work by the agreed deadline prevents the pupil from earning apportionment. 
  • Supervising teacher determines the ‘Time Value of Work Preformed’ for apportionment (EC 51747.5(b), 51747 (c), 51747.5(a))
  • Academic log must be maintained to identify the student’s progress while on IS


For long-term Independent Study inquiries, please contact Alternative Education.

What is Saturday School?

Saturday School  - Apportionment Recovery    

Weekend school is a make-up offering intended to respond to lost instructional time and state funding, due to absence.  (EC 37223)

  • Student participation is voluntary, unless truant
  • Parental consent is required
  • Classes must be conform to at least the statutory minimum day requirements
  • Students must be engaged in instruction and supervised by a credentialed employee
  • Only prior absences day may be recovered,excluding suspensions (banking not permitted)

NOTE: Charter and Community Day Schools are not eligible to receive state apportionment for weekend apportionment recovery.

What does it mean to have 'full' AERIES permissions?

Attendance/Enrollment Permissions in AERIES

Full‐permissions consists of the ability to update a student’s enrollment and attendance records.  Site administrators determine who requires full permissions, based on job responsibilities.  Attendance personnel are required to attend training annually in order to maintain permissions.  

Due to prior audit findings site administrators and Clerical Substitutes are not permitted to have attendance/enrollment permissions in AERIES.


Permissions Are Limited By:

ELEMENTARY 2 Clerical Staff Members Typically the Office Manager & Attendance/Health Clerk
MIDDLE 3 Clerical Staff Members Typically the Registrar, Attendance & Sr. Staff Clerk
HIGH 4 Clerical Staff Members Typically the Registrar, Data Entry Clerk & (2) Attendance Clerks