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Integrated Curriculum

University of California Curriculum Integration

UCCI’s mission is to expand access to integrated curriculum so that all students can better prepare for college and careers. We work toward this mission first, by facilitating the development of Career Technical Education-integrated high school courses that fulfill the subject requirements for freshman admission to the UC and California State University campuses; second, making those courses available to any school in California that wants to teach them; and third, providing educators with the opportunity to prepare to teach these innovative courses.


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STEM Train® (Grades 3-5)
STEM Train makes it easy to incorporate STEM content without having to hire teachers who are content specialists. We provide everything needed for each lesson, allowing teachers to act as facilitators, guiding students toward discovery, problem-solving and creative thinking.


STEM Education (Grades 6-9)
Take STEM education to the next level with College & Career Ready Labs™. Engage students in an authentic problem-based learning experience as they discover their interests and aptitudes, along the pathway to post-secondary success.


CAREERplus - Engineering & Technology (Grades 9-10)
This rigorous STEM education program, as defined by business leaders and industry experts, aligns the skills and knowledge needed to bridge the gap between secondary education and college/career success. Students develop critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving skills while utilizing real-world applications.


Health Science Careers® (Grades 8-12)
This learning system prepares middle school and high school students for careers related to medicine, nursing, and health science programs – from Biomedical Engineering to Veterinary Medicine.


Launch (Grades K-5)
Your K-5 students already have the qualities of great designers and innovators. What PLTW Launch does is tap into their exploratory nature, engage them in learning that feels like play, and encourage them to keep discovering – now and for years to come.  PLTW Launch’s 24 interdisciplinary modules bring learning to life. The program empowers students to adopt a design-thinking mindset through compelling activities, projects, and problems that build upon each other and relate to the world around them. And as students engage in hands-on activities in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science, they become creative, collaborative problem solvers ready to take on any challenge. 


Gateway (Grades 6-8)
Middle school is a time of exploration, a time when students are figuring out what they’re passionate about today and how that relates to who they’ll become tomorrow.   During this transitional time, PLTW Gateway’s 10 units empower students to lead their own discovery. The hands-on program boosts classroom engagement and excitement, drives collaboration, and inspires “aha! moments” and deep comprehension. And as students engage in PLTW’s activities in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science, they see a range of paths and possibilities they can look forward to in high school and beyond. 


Biomedical Science (Grades 9-12)
Whether discovering new cancer treatments or teaching healthy lifestyle choices to their communities, today’s biomedical science professionals are tackling big challenges to make the world a better place.  

PLTW Biomedical Science students are taking on these same real-world challenges – and they’re doing it before they even graduate from high school. Working with the same tools used by professionals in hospitals and labs, students engage in compelling, hands-on activities and work together to find solutions to problems. Students take from the courses in-demand knowledge and skills they will use in high school and for the rest of their lives, on any career path they take.