The Orange Unified School District offers qualitatively differentiated programs for students possessing the capacity for excellence beyond that of their chronological peers. The curriculum is differentiated to provide a variety of instructional strategies structured so that individual student experiences and activities can vary in acceleration, depth, complexity or degree of novelty. These programs are available at all levels of the District's curriculum for the purpose of challenging and developing the academic and creative abilities of identified advanced learners.

Characteristics of "Gifted Students"

Gifted students generally demonstrate extraordinary talent or ability in the areas of academics, visual and performing arts, intellectual capacity, or leadership. The characteristics of an individual gifted student may include the following:

  • Observant - notice changes around them
  • Curious - they investigate discrepancies or happenings
  • Questioning - they want to know “Why”?
  • Logical - they see cause and effect relationships and connections
  • Expressive - they use advanced vocabulary and are quite articulate
  • Inventive - they reason in clever, unique ways to find original solutions to problems
  • Versatile - they may participate in lots of activities and adapt readily to new situations
  • Persistent - they stay with a task and become intensely focused
  • Sensitive - they are very empathetic to others
  • Perceptive - they see the essence of a situation

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