Crescent has demonstrated itself as a leader in STEM education, receiving the California Gold Ribbon award in 2016.  Our school has also won VEX Robotics international recognition since 2013. Crescent has displayed technology leadership with the implementation of a coding program. Google CS has been selected after careful analysis of programs for the purpose of incorporating parent engagement and student independence.

Crescent also has a STEAM lab where students have opportunity to express themselves creatively doing stop motion film on iPads, STEM challenges with a maker space, coding on dedicated Chromebooks, and programing Dash and Ozobot robotics. 
Crescent has made tremendous efforts to provide students with laptop and iPad devices, allowing GATE classes to be nearly 1:1, and general education classes to have nearly one full cart shared between every two teachers. This year, Crescent has taken steps to complete iPad sets to become fully 1:1 for GATE, and laptop carts shared between teachers are now complete.
Teachers have successfully implemented AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program strategies in general education grades 5-6 to promote career and college readiness and to close the achievement gap. These strategies teach students the fundamentals of learning, study of academic behavioral skills. This school year, AVID grades will now include grade four and strategies will be shared by example with GATE teachers during professional development days.