Parking Lot

Attention all Crescent Families:

First off I would like to thank you for your commitment to ensuring a safe, calm environment for all of our Cougars during drop off and pick up. Please review the following parking lot rules so that you can assist us in keeping all of our students safe. All students have been reminded that they may not step into the parking lot area without an adult: even if they are waved over by a family member. They must either leave in your hands, or they may cross with a staff member in the crosswalk to our loading zone area.

In order to provide for the safe loading/unloading of students and an efficient flow of traffic throughout our parking lot, please adhere to the following guidelines:

There are two lanes in our parking lot. The curbside lane is for loading and unloading only. Cars should pull from the street into this lane and pull as far forward as possible. You may not leave your car unattendedYou are expected to continue to pull forward as space permits.

The second lane is for drive through only. This lane is used to find parking in the stalls or to exit the lot. Please do not stop in this lane. If you cannot find a parking space, you will need to circle and go out of the lot and go around again. If a parking stall is open, please pull into it: not using those spaces adds to the congestion in the lot. We thank you for your support in keep our students safe and making our student’s safety a priority.


Mrs. Coe