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Each week the students will visit the library to check out books. The books need to be returned the following week. If the students return their book, they will be able to check out a new book. The students are responsible for any lost or damaged books.



When is the library open?

  • The library is open from 8:00 to 2:30 daily.

How often does my child visit the library?

  • Each class is scheduled to visit the library once a week for 60 minutes. Students also have the opportunity to visit the library during recess.  

How long is my student allowed to keep a library book?

  • Students may keep their book for one week and then return or renew it during their next classroom library visit.

How many books may my student check out?

  • Kindergarteners may check out one book each week. First graders start the year with one book; later in the year they may check out two books. Second through sixth graders check out two books. One additional book may be checked out for school reports or projects.

What do I do if my child loses a book?

  • If a book has been damaged or lost, please check with the Library Media Tech as soon as possible to determine the cost of replacement.


Reading Counts!:   

 In support of our focus on Reading Comprehension and literacy, we will continue to utilize the Reading Counts! Computerized comprehension program. We continue to expand our vast quiz base.

We have identified books in our Information Center that have corresponding quizzes and point values (dependent upon difficulty.)  Students may take a quiz at school on our computers.  Lists of available books can be found at school, on our website and at the local El Modena and Orange Branches of our public libraries.  Students are to read the book independently.  Parents should encourage their children to read and be available to listen to their child read aloud, when time permits!  Grade levels have determined the following minimum expectations for their classroom students.

Gr. 1                10 points (when ready)

Gr. 2                25 points per trimester

Gr. 3                35 points per trimester

Gr. 4 and 5      Students are to read a minimum of 3 books within 100 pts of their Lexile per trimester and take/pass an RC quiz for the books

Gr. 6                Students are expected to read 3 “Newbury Award” books within 100pts of their Lexile per trimester and take/pass an RC quiz for those books. 


Reading Counts! Wall of Fame: 


Students who earn the following number of points from our Reading Counts! reading comprehension program per trimester will have their name posted in the Information Center. The principal also visits each classroom to recognize the students who have made the Wall of Fame. This motivational program encourages all our students to reach their potential in reading.


Gr. 1    15 points

Gr. 2    30 points

Gr. 3    45 points

Gr. 4    45 points

Gr. 5    50 points

Gr. 6    60 points

To see if a book you would like to read has a Reading Counts quiz available, click here.

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