One of the most important factors in a student’s successful learning is their motivation to learn, how hard they will try, and how much effort they will put forth.  The more a learner is interested and successful with learning, the more the process of learning will become its own reward.

As a school, we will demonstrate and expect these character traits from our students, staff and parents.

Each grade level will provide curriculum for the character traits.  A Bobcat Award will be given out each trimester to the student that exhibits outstanding citizenship and models outstanding overall character for that trimester

John Wooden's Pyramid of Success  monthly character traits are listed below:

September - Hardwork 
October - Enthusiasm  
November - Friendship and Loyalty    
December - Self-Control 
January - Determination  
February - Alertness and Action 
March - Fitness and Skill
April - Team Spirit  
May - Confidence   
June - Personal Best 


“Paw”sitive Praise Tickets:

  • Are awarded to students who put forth extra effort to help someone, demonstrate school pride, show kindness, model good citizenship, etc.
  • May be distributed by any staff member.
  • Student writes his/her name on ticket and keeps them in their desk at school until the next Bobcat Shopping day on 2 Thursdays throughout the month.
  • The students will “shop” and select a prize from the menu list in their classroom. They will bring their tickets to the office on Bobcat shopping days during their lunchtime.
  • Parents are encouraged to donate prizes.


Bobcat of the Trimester:

            • Exemplifies strong moral character and citizenship 

            • Student is awarded the Bobcat certificate at the Bobcat Award Assembly   



Classroom teachers select students each trimester to receive awards in the areas of academics, citizenship, initiative and the Bobcat award all given at the Bobcat Assembly towards the end of each trimester.        

Bobcat Bucks - Each grade level has developed their own system for awarding Bobcat Bucks based upon academic achievement.  Bobcat bucks are turned into the office. Each Friday student’s names will be drawn and those students will be recognized   Students receive coupons/certificates redeemable at local area businesses

  • Work is neat, legible and accurate.
  • Work demonstrates originality in creative writing.
  • Work shows perseverance of a difficult task.
  • Must be friendly and helpful and respectful to\others

Perfect Attendance:  Students who do not miss a single day of school are rewarded with a special certificate and treat at the End-of-the-Year.  This is a very significant milestone and does not go unnoticed.

Bobcat-of-the-Year Award-6th Grade:  Several sixth grade students are selected by the entire staff and receive this very special award at Promotion.  Students selected exhibit excellent academic, social, leadership and citizenship skills.

Presidential Academic Fitness Award – 6th Grade:

Gold: Grade Point Average of 90% or higher for grades in all academic areas in 4th, 5th and 6th grade. At or Exceeding Standards in both ELA and Math on SBAC

Silver:  Outstanding Educational Growth, Improvement, or overcoming special obstacles (it is meant to encourage those who work hard and give their best effort in school.)