Student Recognition


One of the most important factors in a student’s successful learning is their motivation to learn, how hard they will try, and how much effort they will put forth.  The more a learner is interested and successful with learning, the more the process of learning will become its own reward.

Teachers may include encouragement and praise, positive phone calls home, special classroom activities, and awards and certificates.  In addition to the classroom awards, recognition is given to students throughout the year who have demonstrated academic achievement or outstanding citizenship. 




1.  Grades 2-6

2.  Independent Reader

Students must read 3 or more books at his/her ZPD level and pass the quizzes accumulating 10 points.

3.     Super Reader

Students read and pass quizzes on 3 books.  Books must be worth at least 1 point each at the student’s ZPD level or higher.

4.     Advanced Reader

Students must read and pass quizzes on 3 books worth at least 2 points each at Green Level or higher.

5.     Star Reader

Students must read and pass quizzes on 3 books in Brown/Yellow Level or higher, and each book must be worth at least 4 points.

6.     Classic Reader

Students must read and pass 3 books on a 6th grade level.  Each book must be worth 7 points or more.  Students must pass this level with an 80% passing grade.

7.     Million Word Club

Students must read a million words in 1 school year and take AR tests on those books

Reward:          * Students receive a certificate and will be recognized in the classroom each trimester.

                        * Students will receive an end of the year award.


Grades 3-6:     ACCELERATED READER (AR) points are accumulated and are part of the ELA Achievement Grade.




1. Grades TK– 6

2. Teacher-Selected

3. Reward:      * Students receive Canyon Rim ID tag at the trimester awards assembly (on stage).

                        * Students are invited to have a Popsicle with the principal.  



1. Grades TK-6

2. Students are awarded Rockstar Roadrunner tickets for academic achievement and good citizenship. 

3. Bi-monthly Prize Bin: Students who earned tickets pick out of the classroom prize bin to celebrate their hard work and positive choices. 

4. Monthly Drawing (in Office): Students who earned tickets are then entered into a monthly drawing, conducted by the office, for additional prizes to honor their dedication to school work and demonstration of good behavior. 

5. Each month, there is also a school-wide character trait focus. Students who demonstrate this character trait are also eligible for tickets. 


(1st and 2nd recognized on stage, T-K in classroom)


Criterion:        1. Grades TK-2

                       2.  Teacher-selected character trait

Reward:          *Students receive a certificate.

                        *Two students per class are recognized at Trimester Awards Assembly.



Excellence in reading comprehension

Excellence in mathematics

Excellence in writing

Criterion:        1. Grades K-6

Reward:          * Students receive a certificate.

* One student per class is recognized at Trimester Awards Assembly.

Excellence in history

Excellence in science

Criterion:        1. Grades 3-6

Reward:          * Students receive a certificate.

* One student per class is recognized at Trimester Awards Assembly.


(recognized in classroom/sent home with report card)

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Honor Roll – Gold, Silver, and Bronze Honor Roll certificates are awarded at the end of each trimester for students in grades 4-6.  The certificates are sent home with the report card.  There will be no recognition of honor roll students at the Awards Assemblies.  The honor roll awards are given for the following:

            Bronze Honors – 3.0 – 3.49 GPA

            Silver Honors - 3.5 – 3.74 GPA with no D’s or F’s

            Gold Honors - 3.75 GPA and above