School Profile

Principal: Dana Encheff

Enrollment:  507

Grades: TK - 6 (Pre-school on site)

Vision: The vision of Cambridge Elementary School is to develop our students’ skills, knowledge, abilities and character necessary to reach their personal potential. By providing rigorous standards-based academic instruction and character building experiences, we will enable our students to develop into productive and contributing members of society within the context of a rapidly changing world.

A school-wide instructional focus on reading comprehension, including vocabulary development and writing across the curriculum, and improving math computation to increase conceptual understanding, is evident at Cambridge Elementary School.  The staff fully supports the instructional focus by utilizing effective teaching practices, personalized instruction, and participating in staff development and collaboration that aligns with the school’s focus.


School Mission

It is the mission of Cambridge Elementary School to provide, in a partnership with students, families, and staff, a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment with experiences that stimulate individual interest, promote self-esteem, foster personal growth and encourage positive relationships and individual responsibility. With commitment, cooperative attitudes, and collaborative skills, we will empower our students to become life-long learners and contributing members to the diverse society of the future.