Orange Unified School District Board of Education Applicants for Board Member Vacancies

We are pleased to announce that sixteen candidates have submitted their names and supporting paperwork to be considered for the vacant seats on the Board of Education for Trustee Areas 4 and 7. The candidates are:

Area 4 Candidates

  1. Harrington, Brian
  2. Pelly, Sara
  3. Perez-Serrato, Armando
  4. Scott, David
  5. Smoller, Fred
  6. Tousignant, Lee
  7. Zimmerman, Chad

Area 7 Candidates

  1. Byerly, Michelle
  2. Chelius, Melissa
  3. Glass, Stephen
  4. Kunzman, Lisa
  5. Lansdon, Mark
  6. Lopez, Oliver
  7. Mull, Brian
  8. Nih, Bryan
  9. Stuemke, Genie

The Board of Education will hear the candidates' statements at the Special Board Meeting on May 2. Additional information is available in the online meeting agenda at


The Orange Unified School District educates approximately 26,000 PreK-12th grade students in the Cities of Orange, Villa Park, Anaheim, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, and unincorporated county areas.  In partnership with our community, we provide a safe, equitable, and innovative culture of learning for each scholar to have a competitive EDGE as a leader.