Villa Park High School Track and Field Project Completion Delayed

Villa Park, CA – November 11, 2019 –Yesterday, the District learned that there may be abandoned buried asbestos in an area of the new track and field space where an outside contractor is performing excavation for State mandated Americans with Disability Act (ADA) work.

Out of an abundance of caution, Orange Unified has stopped all work being performed on the Villa Park High School Field Renovation Project and is working hand-in-hand with South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) to proactively contain materials that may be hazardous. The cautionary measures were taken after it was discovered some of the recently excavated dirt areas near the track could be contaminated with broken transite (asbestos containing) pipe. The pipe fragments discovered were not near any common student areas on campus.

The field project area of the site is already cordoned off with fence barrier and locked gates. An abatement contractor has covered the areas of concern with plastic to stabilize the potentially contaminated dirt and prevent the asbestos from being disturbed until a full investigation and testing is performed and an AQMD permit is issued to remediate or abate any hazardous conditions .  To ensure no one enters the area, and is properly placed on notice of the situation, signage is being placed at the site on the fences of the suspect areas.

The construction project currently underway is a follow-up stage to the artificial turf and field project for State required work to bring the site into compliance with ADA standards.  The improvements include the addition of sidewalks, fencing and a reconfigured parking area.  The recently repaired synthetic turf and track areas, or Phase I work areas, do not contain any hazardous materials and were cleared by AQMD.

Orange Unified Security is monitoring the field 24/7 to ensure no one is exposed to the potentially contaminated areas on the jobsite. Additional security services will be brought in as needed to make sure no unauthorized personnel enter the work site.

The Measure S STEM Complex construction project is located on a different part of the campus and is not affected by the work stoppage on the field.


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