El Modena High School Video Featured in National Anti-Drug Campaign

New Anti-Drug Awareness Video Highlights Pressures of Teenage Substance Abuse

Los Angeles, CA, November 25, 2019 – ELKS Drug Awareness Program (DAP), the nation’s largest all-volunteer drug education group, partnered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to launch a national anti-drug educational video "Teens React To Conversations With Survivors of Addiction" to spotlight the effects of drugs on teenagers. The video premiered today on FBE, a multi-platform digital studio that serves over 34 million subscribers, with additional content running on Twitter and Facebook using hashtag #ElksDAP and #DEA. 

The video features teens and their parents watching interviews from a diverse group of adults who describe their journey into addiction and road to recovery. Once having seen the footage, the teens and their parents meet the interview subjects in person and further explore their experiences. The group also watches National Elks 2019 Anti-Drug Video Contest winner, Sunshine, by El Modena High School senior Sandy Beach, which leads to a candid and heartfelt discussion that is a must watch for parents and their children.

"Teens React To Conversations With Survivors of Addiction" is available online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WNjlc_P6O4

The video is engaging and provides information for teens and parents on how to handle peer pressure, have conversations about tough topics, and many other important subjects critical to keeping kids safe and drug free.  The video also encourages parents, kids and teens to visit www.elkskidzone.com, the Elks DAP Kids site, www.justthinktwice.com, DEA’s website for teens and www.getsmartaboutdrugs.com  – DEA’s website for parents, educators, and caregivers all of which provides access to a wide array of education and treatment resources. 

“FBE is dedicated to sharing stories that make an impact,” said Marc Hustvedt, CEO of FBE. “Our wide array of content often ignites emotional responses and this effort really provided a human spotlight on a very serious issue. We look forward to sparking an important conversation with our community and draw attention to the powerful resources like ELKS and the DEA who are there to help.  You are not alone.”



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