Fall 2017 California School Dashboard Release

Orange, CA – December 8, 2017 - The California Department of Education (CDE) and the State Board of Education (SBE) released the Fall 2017 California School Dashboard, a website that provides a more comprehensive overview of the district, school, and student performance. The performance indicators include SBAC test scores, graduation rate, English learner progress, and college and career readiness, which are designed to guide and support student learning and educational practices. The California School Dashboard is expected to evolve over time to provide information for parents, teachers, administrators, and school communities as they develop their Local Control and Accountability Plans, which are required under the Local Control Funding Formula signed into law by Governor Brown in 2013.

              The California School Dashboard incorporates a total of six state performance indicators and four local indicators. The six state indicators are:

  • Academic (SBAC – State Testing)
  • Career/College Readiness
  • English Learner Progress
  • Graduation Rate
  • Suspension Rate
  • Chronic Absenteeism 

For the Fall 2017 Dashboard, Districts and schools receive a color-coded performance level for each state indicator for overall students and each student group except Career/College Readiness and Chronic Absenteeism indicators. The performance standards are based on status (how each school or district fared) and change (how much they have improved or declined). From highest to lowest, the categories are Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. Since the data on chronic absenteeism and career/college readiness is its initial release, only the status can be displayed this year.

           The Dashboard identified 228 districts to receive the Technical Assistance (TA) from their county office in the State of California, including three districts from Orange County. Orange Unified School District continues to sustain our performance with steady growth in multiple areas of indicators especially for the English learner progress and graduation rate. Orange Unified School District reached a record high 97.4% graduation rate for the Fall 2017 California School Dashboard state indicator.

"The Orange Unified School District, being committed to planning for continual improvement, will offer a learning environment of excellence, with high expectations, to provide each student with the opportunity to be able to compete in the global economy." As stated in our mission statement, Orange Unified School District will continue to provide a high-quality education with a personalized learning environment that meets the needs of every child and strive for the success of each student. For more information about the California School Dashboard, please click on the following links. 

California School Dashboard Overview Video for Parents (EnglishSpanish)

California School Dashboard Parent Guide

Click Here To Download A PDF Version 


The Orange Unified School District educates approximately 26,000 PreK-12th grade students in the Cities of Orange, Villa Park, Anaheim, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, and unincorporated county areas.  In partnership with our community, we provide a safe, equitable, and innovative culture of learning for each scholar to have a competitive EDGE as a leader.