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Transcripts, School Records & Yearbooks

If you attended a school in the Orange Unified School District, we have your records. Please keep in mind that students will be provided only unofficial copies. Official copies will be sent with an official seal to colleges, universities, companies and other officially recognized agencies. If you have a problem with official records, or any questions, please contact the Office of Student & Community Services at 714-628-5424.

Graduates from 2005 forward, including current students, must order official transcripts at http://exchange.parchment.com/

Graduates from 2004 and earlier, please complete the Transcript/Records Request Form.

Unfortunately, diplomas are irreplaceable.

The District Office does not have any yearbook copies. Please contact the school in question directly regarding such inquiries. Click on the following link for school contact information: Directory of Schools


Preschool (age 3-5)

For information about Preschool for children ages 3-5 who are potty-trained, please CLICK HERE
or call the Child Development Center at 714-628-5570.

For information about State Preschool (must meet income requirements), please CLICK HERE
or call the Early Learning Center at 714-628-5577.

Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten (age 5-6)

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten programs are available for children as shown in the age chart below:

age chart

Additionally, Orange Unified offers two language immersion programs starting in Kindergarten:
Spanish (California) and Mandarin Chinese (Fletcher).

For more information, please call Elementary Educational Services at 714-628-4463.

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities are posted on the District website under Human Resources.

Jobs are divided into Certificated (teaching positions), Classified (support staff), and Management/Confidential.

Student Teaching / Student Observation / Internships




All Student Observers MUST complete the Google Link.  Once you complete the link a confirming email will be sent with further instructions. 


School Psychology Internships/Practicums, School Counselor (Mental Health), School Counselor (Academic) and Speech Pathology Internships.  All Student Interns/Observers need approval before a placement can be made.  Please call the numbers below to set up an appointment.  The Human Resources Department must have a current "Memorandum Of Understanding" (MOU) with the sponsoring institution.    

All students MUST complete the Google Link.  Once you complete the link a confirming email will be sent with further instructions.

For Psychology and Speech please call (714) 628-4080

For Academic Counselors please call (714) 628-4550 

Special Education

Orange Pre-K provides services for infant, preschool and kindergarten-aged students with mild to moderate and moderate to severe disabilities which are identified through the Special Education assessment process.

Canyon Hills is a special education school for students with moderate to severe disabilities. At Canyon Hills School, the staff strives to educate and develop each individual to his or her fullest potential within the home, school, workplace and community setting.

For more information, please contact Special Education by clicking HERE, or call 714-628-5550.

Alternative Education & Career Technical Education

Information about our Alternative Education program is available HERE.

You may also call the following numbers:
Home Schooling: 714-628-5479
Community Day School: 714-628-5479
Adult Education: 714-628-5479

Information about our CTE classes is available HERE or by calling 714-628-5464.

Homeless Education

You will find specific information regarding the rights of our "Homeless Students and Families" on the McKinney-Vento/Homeless Education Program page.

Kristine Nelson, M.A
Coordinator, McKinney-Vento/Foster Youth and At Risk Youth
Phone number: 714-628-5424


Please CLICK HERE for the most current policies/notices.

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