Monthly EDGE Recognition

“YOU’VE GOT THE EDGE” Employee of the Month Recognition program has been designed with the District’s Core Values in mind. This program encourages outstanding customer service in the workplace in fulfillment of the District’s new Strategic Plan. It increases awareness of the goals and values as well as the importance and significance of outstanding performance.

Certificated and Classified employees who have been nominated by their peers, co-workers, and/or supervisors are selected for exemplifying the following core values:

  • Integrity - We embrace a culture of ethical and transparent decision-making and actions.
  • Equity - We promote inclusive and culturally relevant environments by supporting the social-emotional and intellectual needs of all.
  • Respect - We advocate for strong, compassionate relationships that appreciate the unique qualities of our diverse community.
  • Excellence - We strive for the highest standards in all endeavors by deliberately pursuing continuous growth and innovation.

The recipients of the “YOU’VE GOT THE EDGE” award for November 2022 are:

Dana Lusiani, School Nurse from Health Services/El Modena High School, and Joseph Conway, Warehouse Worker/Delivery Driver from Nutrition Services

Both Dana and Joseph go above and beyond to serve the staff and students of the Orange Unified School District in ways that reflect the core values of OUSD’s EDGE.

El Modena Principal, Sandra Preciado had this to say about Dana::
"Dana Lusiani represents the OUSD’s core values of Integrity, Respect, and Excellence. Her dedication to the wellness of our students is commendable as she strives to provide them the highest level of care. Dana and I recently responded to an emergency situation together where she embodied true professionalism as a school nurse and took heroic actions to administer emergency, life-saving care in a highly stressful situation. That day I was beyond thankful for Dana and her actions, but, in fact, we are all thankful every day for her commitment and support. Thank you, Dana, for all you do for El Modena’s staff and students! "

Student and Community Services Executive Director, Heriberto Angel, had this to say about Dana:
"Dana Lusiani exemplifies our OSD core values as an integral member of our school nurse team. Dana takes great pride in her work serving the students of the District and working collaboratively with the team to maximize our school health services. Her efforts reflect the school nurse profession as a whole, and her dedication is shown in the outstanding care provided to our students. The Student and Community Services team is grateful for Dana’s contributions and commitment to excellence!"


Nutrition Services Director Jamie Sanchez had this to say about Joseph:
"Joseph Conway exemplifies OUSD’s core values of respect and excellence. He is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to the schools where he delivers food and is always willing to jump in and assist his colleagues and the department whenever help is needed. Joseph keeps the genuine wellness and safety of all OUSD students at the heart of everything he does. Not only does he take the time to smile and acknowledge students and faculty while making his daily deliveries; he goes above and beyond by participating in school fundraising activities, and by taking a moment to shoot a few hoops with kids on the basketball court. His actions not only brighten our students’ day, but also contribute to a positive school culture where our students feel seen, heard, and valued. Nutrition Services is grateful for Joseph’s hard work, dedication, and student-centered approach to excellence."

California Elementary Principal Misty Brunasso had this to say about Joseph:
"Joseph Conway exhibits Respect in all things that he does. He greets our students with a smile, patiently waits for traffic to move, and for the few minutes he is at California each day, he is an integral part of our staff. Even at six o’clock in the morning, he has a warm greeting for everyone he encounters! We recently did a fundraiser, and he went out of his way to participate and engage with our students/staff. He is essential in building community with the way he treats our students. We are fortunate to have Joseph as a part of our California Bear family!"

Congratulations to both Dana and Joseph! The Board of Education thanks you for your dedication and devotion to the Orange Unified School District!


You've Got the EDGE - Picture collage of Dana Lusiani


You've Got the EDGE - Picture collage of Joseph Conway