EDGE Community Partnership Award

Community Partner Award  - Orange Elks Lodge and Orange Emblem Club

Congratulations to the Orange Eks Lodge #1475 and Orange Emblem Club #418, recipients of the Community Partnership Award.  

Once a quarter, a Community Partner will be recognized by the Board of Education. The OUSD Community Partnership Recognition is here to honor the valuable partnerships that exist between community organizations and the District. 

As described in the District Strategic Plan, under focus area 2.0 Dedicated and Engaged Communication, the District seeks to, “Build and maintain strong educational, university, business, and community partnerships to cultivate deep-rooted connections with stakeholders.” 

Organizations are recognized based on their contributions in assisting the District in advancing one or more of the following Strategic Initiatives:


1.0  Focus Area: Excellence in Academics and Leadership
2.0  Focus Area: Dedicated and Engaged Communication
3.0  Focus Area: Genuine Wellness and Safety
4.0  Focus Area: Efficient Utilization of Fiscal Capital

Thank you to the Orange Elks Lodge and Orange Emblem Club for your commitment to our students and community!