Challenge Coin Recipients Represent the OUSD EDGE!

Kendy Gioia, Early Learning Specialist at the Early Learning Center, was recognized by Early Childhood Education Coordinator Cheryl Sosa with an EDGE Challenge Coin for exemplifying the Core Value of Excellence.

Cheryl Sosa had this to say about Kendy:

Kendy Gioia is the Early Learning Specialist at the Early Learning Center.  As an ELS, she supports Early Learning programming for children ages 0-5 through our State Preschool and Learning Link programs.  Her teacher training skills and knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices have contributed to our program being considered a 5-star program by QualityStart OC.  When Kendy sees a gap in what children need and what we are currently providing, she finds a way to work together as a team to meet the need.  During the pandemic, Kendy stepped outside the box and began to go LIVE on Facebook (along with Conrad, the Confused Crow) to allow children to connect with our program, each other, the curriculum, and learn new foundational skills.  Kendy and Conrad have not only reached children in OUSD, but they also have international followers!  Children coming to register for preschool recognize Mrs. Kendy when they see her.  Kendy deserves this Challenge Coin recognition for her unwavering commitment to equity, respect, and excellence for OUSD's youngest learners.

Cheryl Sosa and Kendy Gioia


Cheryl Sosa and Kendy Gioia


Kendy Gioia

Staff at Early Childhood Learning
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