Challenge Coin Recipients Represent the OUSD EDGE!

A/V TV Production Technician Kevin Sullivan was recognized with an EDGE Challenge Coin by Communications Coordinator Hana Brake for exemplifying the District’s core values of Integrity, Equity, Respect, and Excellence, as well as his committed support of Focus Area 2.0: Dedicated and Engaged Communication.

Hana Brake had this to say about Kevin:

Kevin is an invaluable member of the Communications Department team, and his professionalism and work ethic are second to none. Since joining the communications team a few weeks before the pandemic hit, Kevin consistently has expanded his skillset and always works to improve the quality and efficiency of his work as part of the District’s communication efforts. He is always friendly and approachable and regularly goes above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service. Kevin does whatever it takes to successfully navigate challenges that arise, often putting in extra hours to ensure each project is of the highest quality and every detail has been carefully planned. Kevin’s abilities to adapt to changing circumstances and embrace opportunities to learn and grow have enabled the District to enhance the services provided to the community, including informative video updates, streaming content, and an elevated overall media aesthetic.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication! You truly embody the Orange Unified EDGE!




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