Challenge Coin Recipients Represent the OUSD EDGE!

Jessica Farris was recognized by Panorama’s Acting Principal Erin Rosselli with an EDGE Challenge Coin for exemplifying the Core Values of Integrity and Excellence.

Erin Rosselli had this to say about Jessica:

Jessica has gone above and beyond with her dedication to our community’s mental health. She spends her entire day from beginning to end meeting with students, teaching lessons, and checking in on the overall state of our school. I can find her sitting on the grass with individual students, teaching a lesson to our transitional kindergarteners, or working with small groups of students on goal-setting. She portrays integrity and dedication to meeting each student’s needs, and she is always willing to meet with another student or create another group.

Jessica’s commitment exudes excellence. To provide students immediate support after experiencing trauma, she has rearranged her day at her other school sites to be available to them here at Panorama. This support provided these students with another safe adult and the ability to talk through their feelings. Jessica has also stayed after school to meet with a student experiencing anxiety and helped her develop a plan to make transitions easier. Additionally, she is currently planning a Family Social-Emotional Night to help families recognize and support their children’s social-emotional needs.

During this pandemic, the need for social-emotional support has been magnified. Jessica has risen to this challenge, and she accepts each new referral and need with a smile and a true commitment to support the entire community.

Congratulations and Thank You, Jessica Farris!


Picture of Jessica Farris at Panorama Elementary




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