Challenge Coin Recipients Represent the OUSD EDGE!

Alicia Torrence, Office Manager at Fairhaven Elementary School, was recognized by Principal Christina Hirales with an EDGE Challenge Coin for exemplifying the Core Value of Excellence.

Christina Hirales had this to say about Alicia:

Alicia is most deserving of this award. She has been able to assist and support not only the staff and community but her new administrator as well. She comes early and leaves late. Her dedication has even been commented on by Fairhaven neighbors noting that “Alicia is a very hard worker, she even comes in on the weekends because I see her car there!” All of this is done not for accolades but to help our students return to a welcoming and safe environment. She has most definitely gone above and beyond for all of us here at Fairhaven and we are grateful to have someone like her we can depend on…what is so awesome is that she does all of this with a smile for everyone! Congratulations Alicia Torrence!


Picture of Alicia Torrance and Christina Hirales
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