Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Program Description:

The emphases of the secondary Honors/Advanced Placement (AP) Program are: (1) in-depth coverage of subject matter; (2) critical analysis of related higher level thinking skills; and (3) fostering student responsibility for self learning and independent study.

Villa Park high School students have an opportunity to take classes in an enriched and accelerated sequence of Honors and Advanced Placement courses. Advanced Placement (AP) classes allow them to earn college credit while completing requirements for high school graduation and college admission. Credit is granted by most colleges and universities upon successful completion of and AP examination.

Honors/Advanced Placement Courses


  • 9 English (Honors)
  • 10 English (Honors)
  • 11 English (Honors)
  • 12 AP English


  • 8 Algebra I (Honors)(at the middle school)
  • 9 Geometry (Honors)
  • 10 Algebra II (Honors)
  • 11 Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry (Honors)
  • 12 AP Calculus AB/BC


  • 9 Biology (Honors)
  • 10 Chemistry (Honors)
  • 11 AP Biology or Physics (Honors)
  • 12 AP Biology or Physics (Honors)

Social Studies

  • 9 European History (Honors)
  • 10 World History (Honors)
  • 11 AP U.S. History
  • 12 AP U.S. Government/Politics
    Economics (Honors)

Foreign Language

  • French I - V, AP French
  • German I - IV, AP German
  • Japanese I - II
  • Latin I - III, AP Latin
  • Spanish I - V, AP Spanish I- IV

Fine Arts

  • AP Art History

Honors/Advanced Placement Faculty

Cynthia Bea

AP Statistics

Tom Cheuvront

Honors Physiology

Faustine Chien

Geometry Honors
Algebra II Honors

Gwen Corbett

Honors Chemistry
AP Chemistry

Patrick Fitzsimons

Honors Geometry

Judy Fusco

Honors Physics
AP Physics

Steve Garrahy

Honors Modern World History

Makram Gerges

Honors Geometry

Andy Haas

Honors European History

Jennifer Heipp

AP English 11

Deena Hoffman

Honors English 9

Jennifer Hunt

AP Art History

Paul Hunt

Honors Biology
AP Biology

Joy Iseli

Honors English 9

David Lee

Honors Geometry

James Lynch

Honors Algebra II
AP Calculus

Tricia Melton

Honors English 10

Carol Mooney

Honors English 9
AP English 12

Patrick Murphy

AP Music Theory

Fatima Pazargadi

AP French

David Pearl

AP US History

Suzanne Pruden

AP English 11

Rob Ryan

AP Government
AP Economics

David Shelton

Honors Modern World History

Elisabeth Strauss

AP German

Anita Torkelson

AP Spanish

Jennifer Vaughan

Honors Pre-Calculus

Leonora Will

Honors English 9

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

The Orange Unified School District offers qualitatively differentiated programs for students possessing capacity for excellence far beyond that of their chronological peers. These programs are available at all levels of the District's curriculum for the purpose of challenging and developing the academic and creative abilities of our identified gifted students.

Identification of GATE Students:

Grades 9-12

A student at any grade level may be nominated by an educator or parent to participate in the secondary honors/Advanced Placement (AP) Program. Data used as evidence for meeting the Honors program criteria may include: (1) standardized achievement test scores, (2) intelligence test results, (3) a summary of academic achievement and effort, (4) teacher observations and evaluation of daily performance.

The student may be identified to participate in one or more subjects offered in the Honors/AP Program. (Some subjects such as mathematics may have prerequisites beyond the GATE student identification criteria. Information regarding specific course prerequisites is listed in the district's High School Course Catalog.)

For further information regarding the Villa Park Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) Program, contact Carol Mooney, GATE chairperson, or your counselor. (714) 532-8020


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