School Information

California Elementary School is one of thirty (30) elementary schools in the Orange Unified School District. The school was built in April, 1959 on 10.2 acres of land and is located in a residential area on California St. between Collins and Katella Avenues in Orange. We are on a traditional modified schedule. Approximately 686 students were enrolled in grades kindergarten through 5th during the 2009/2010 school year.

ca bearUnderstanding the school’s educational program, student achievement, and curriculum development can assist both school and community in on-going program improvement. To reach our vision, our goal is to provide a rich and rigorous education for all students. A long term effort is required as well as the commitment and involvement in a collaborative partnership of every person in the community: students, teachers, parents, support staff, administrators, District Office personnel, union representatives,community members, and business leaders. Through hard work, together, our children will be challenged to reach their maximum potential.

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